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Mercedes Benz Unimog Junior 1-Seater Ride-on | 12V 4x4 UTV | White


At Kidsvip we only thrive on moving forward, with innovations and upgrades thus;  Introducing the first-ever  Officially Licensed Mercedes Unimog single-seater kids’ ride-on!

The Unimog is renowned for being reliable, durable, and efficient from build to performance. Even under the most challenging conditions, the Unimog will definitely not disappoint with its extraordinary off-road capabilities! With a four-wheel drive, kids can count on a fun ride with maximum traction and control!

This model boasts all ultra-modern upgraded features including a built-in entertainment system with various multimedia capabilities, a premium quality ECO leather seat with a seat belt for all-day comfort and safety of kids, and so much more!

A more advanced 12V*10AMP-powered engine guarantees exceptional performance year-round. Upgraded EVA hard rubber wheels and upgraded suspension work hand-in-hand to make for an overall smooth driving experience. Not forgetting, 4 12V upgraded (HP) motors deliver tremendous power to tackle any obstacle! Also equipped with parental remote control and super bright LED lights, where others fail, The Miniature Mercedes Unimog thrives – One of the most unbeatable and assertive kids’ ride-on cars to hit the market!

Weight20 kg

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