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1 Seater, 12v, 4WD Ride On Buggy / UTV, RC -RED



  • Introducing the definition of Super Riding: The UTV Junior Sport Utility UTV!

    This model is designed to lead the way with unwavering performance no matter the terrain thanks to its engaging all-wheel-drive system and upgraded 12V 10amp battery.

    Enjoy an unprecedented and groovy riding experience with this model and the intelligent entertainment center that offers pre-uploaded music as well as more music inputs and Bluetooth connectivity.

    More exciting features include EVA Rubber wheels for better traction, a comfortable wide leather seat with an adjustable seat belt, headlights/taillights, opening doors, and upgraded suspension active suspension.

    So Conquer any terrain on one of our most versatile & powerful models while enjoying the great quality, performance and style!


    This ride on Car can be driven using the on board steering wheel and pedal controls, or with the included 2.4G Bluetooth Parental remote control. 
    The parental radio remote can operate from up to around 15-20m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right. 
    The remote is a upgraded 2.4Gh Bluetooth type, so will not be subject to any interference. 
    Finally, the Parental remote control feature makes this toy even more amazing as parents can operate this ride on car and can stop it at any time 
    thanks to its emergency STOP button.
    Parental Remote Control w/STOP Button 
    UPGRADED :1 Comfortable Leather Seat
    UPGRADED: Lights
    UPGRADED: Pre Uploaded Music
    UPGRADED: USB inputs
    UPGRADED: Bluetooth Connectivity
    UPGRADED: 12V 10amp Battery
    UPGRADED: 4 Upgraded Motors
    Adjustable Seat Belt
    Opening doors
    Upgraded EVA Rubber wheels
    Dimensions: 44.6" x 30.9" x 30.5"
    Weight Capacity: 70 Lbs
    Age Limit: 1-4 Years

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