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24v Drifting Go-kart Furious Edition For Kids


Let your kids experience the thrill of an off-road buggy in a miniature form: a drift-kart!

Unparalleled underbody aerodynamics and high-speed cornering stability give the furious edition drift kart the capacity to perform jaw-dropping manoeuvres like high-speed drifting doughnuts!

Powered by a long-lasting 24v 7a battery and using hp 24v 750d motors with better noise and heat resistance, this ride-on drift kart can reach up to 15km/h! two Eva edition rubber tyres in the front and 180° – 360° drifting tyres in the back of this drift kart ensure maximum traction and control, as well as the power that young drivers demand!

Kids may relax in their luxury eco-leather seats, fasten their seatbelts, adjust their adjustable steering wheel to their taste, and feel the thrill of being a real-life drift racer.

The front bumper bar is popular among parents since it adds an extra layer of safety for their children while they play!

With a maximum weight capacity of 70kg, it’s ideal for children aged 6+ who want the greatest performance!


Upgraded: 24v 7amp battery

Upgraded: 2 x 24vhp motors// 750d(3250)

Upgraded: eco leather seat

Upgraded: front -EVA rubber wheels | back – drift wheels(180°-360° drift)

Upgraded: adjustable steering wheel

Upgraded: no remote // up to 15 km/h

Dimensions: 133x 75 x 52 cm

Weight capacity: 150 lbs

Recommended age: 6+ years old

Weight20 kg

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