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24V Police Officer Ride-On Motorcycle w/ Removable Stabilizing Wheels, SD, USB


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KIDS VIP is currently selling the official 24V police officer ride-on motorcycle!

For a child who aspires to one day become a police officer and protect their community, this model is a wonderful present. In a modern take on the classic black and white colour scheme, this amazing ride-on stands out as a trendy, fierce option for kids and their parents alike!

Built-in speakers, preloaded music, and SD and USB connectivity are just some of the features that make this a truly great device for a kid’s entertainment system while they’re out chasing down criminals. With working headlights that include bright LED lights, children’s playtime isn’t cut short as the sun goes down.

Powered by a powerful 24V battery, the 24V Police Officer Motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 5-8 kilometers per hour thanks to two enhanced 24V HP motors. Durable rubber wheels with large diameters provide good traction and handling, as well as maximum clearance, allowing for easy transitions over difficult terrain. There are two speeds to choose from when riding in either forward or reverse mode on this contemporary motorbike model, which is an additional benefit for battery life conservation.

– 1 ECO Leather Seat
Р Wheels with removable rear stabilizer wheels
– 24V Battery
– 2x24V HP Motors
Speed: 5-8 km/h
Dimensions: 120x 60 x 65 CM
Weight Capacity: 77 lbs
Recommended Age: 3-6 years old

Weight20 kg

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