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2x12V Sport 4x4 MX Edition 2-Seater Ride-On UTV, USB, Bluetooth, RC


The upgraded, official Sport MX Edition Ride-On Buggy is now available from KIDS VIP!

The Sport MX is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully designed ride-on buggies available. This fierce 2-seater with a carrying capacity of about 66lbs is the perfect option for your adventure-seeking toddlers and preschoolers who crave the outdoors and is recommended for ages 2-5. It’s a high-performance buggy with the added security of a soft-start feature, a one-pedal acceleration system, and parental remote control!

You don’t have to wait until your toddlers are six years old to go off-roading with the big boys! With a tough exterior and a sleek design, the Sports MX is built to last. The V-shaped front is similar to that of its older cousin, the 24V Viper Buggy, with colored bars in the front, top, and rear, giving it a sophisticated off-road look. Your kids will get a firsthand experience of sunset off-roading thanks to opening doors for easy access, and super-bright headlights and taillights for improved visibility!

The luxurious interior features two plush, premium-leather seats for kids to ride in comfort all day, a convenient battery life indicator, and a fully upgraded, built-in entertainment system with a modern deck that is Bluetooth, USB, and SD-card compatible – now that’s what we call luxury and entertainment! Your children will never complain about being bored again!

Even more impressive, this vehicle is no novice beneath the hood! The Sport MX features four powerful 12V motors powered by two 12V-7A batteries, ensuring great motor performance. Rubber wheels, excellent shock absorbers, 4WD, and front and rear wheel suspension enable impeccable clearance ability and smooth transitions over the most challenging terrain, whether sand, dirt, grass, or debris. And have you heard? Because of its simple transporting handle and a towing j-hook on the front, it’s now even easier to take your buggy along to the park, the beach, or even to camp!

With a carrying capacity of around 66 pounds and max speeds of up to 4-7 km/hr, this little buggy with a huge personality will undoubtedly, and effortlessly keep toddlers happy all day!


UPGRADED: 2x12V Battery
UPGRADED: 4 X 12vHP Motors
UPGRADED: ECO Leather Seat
UPGRADED: Eva Rubber Wheels
UPGRADED: Working lights
UPGRADED: Soft Start
Dimensions: 131 X 94 X 90 CM
Weight capacity: 150 Lbs
Recommended Age: 2-5 years old

Weight20 kg

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