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INJUSA 12V CBR Sport Edition Official Honda Motorcycle for Kids, Stabilizer Wheels


Retail Sale Price: 449.99$


Moto Honda CBR 12V red color

* Moto Honda CBR battery for 12V, with official brand license, recommended for children from 36 months.

* Ergonomic shape, including rubber bands on the wheels and an accelerator on the right fist of the steering wheel.

* It reaches a maximum speed of 5-6 km / h and includes mp3 input and lights and sounds.

* Includes battery and charger, made in Spain.

* Seat height: 47 cm, steering wheel height: 53 cm (from the floor).

Maximum weight supported: 30 kg.

Product description

With Honda CBR 12V batteries, an officially licensed brand, the home Pekes will go big. Recommended for babies from 36 months, its design is a replica of an authentic Honda and helps to develop the motor skills of the smallest in complete safety. It is ergonomically designed to make the child’s ride comfortable and adapted and reaches a speed of 5-6 km / h thanks to the throttle in the right-hand fist of the steering wheel. Includes rubber bands on wheels for more grip on displacement, and amazing extras like lights and sounds (lights flash as an indicator of low battery) and mp3s.

Weight20 kg

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