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INJUSA Winner Kawasaki Balance Bike for Kids


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The Kawasaki Winner Ride-On Motorbike design is incredibly realistic, replicating the style of the official sports motorbikes that compete with the Kawasaki brand.

The Injusa Kawasaki Winner Ride-On Motorbike is officially licensed by the prestigious Japanese brand.

Their engineers have supervised its design and approved its quality control during manufacture.

The safety of the ride-on motorbike is reinforced further through the use of its handle, which parents can use to easily and at all times control the direction and movement of the ride-on.

Its seat is 47cm in height from the ground and its handlebars are 58cm.

It’s equipped wheels extra-wide, giving it greater stability when riding. It easily holds up to 50kg in weight.

It is recommended for children over 3 years.

Dimensions: 99x 39 x 61 cm

INJUSA Winner Edition Official Kawasaki Balance Bike is designed and manufactured in Spain.

Weight20 kg

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