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Officially Licensed GMC Canyon AT4 2-Seater 12V Ride-On Truck w/ Rubber Wheels, Leather Seats, Storage, Tailgate, USB, SD, MP3, Parent RC


The KIDS VIP GMC Canyon AT4 Upgraded 12-Volt Kids’ and Toddlers’ Ride-on Truck, which has been licensed and certified, has finally been released!

This pickup truck is “GMC-tough,” meaning that it can handle rough terrain and rigorous use. This ride-on can reach speeds of 4-5 km/h thanks to its 12-volt battery and two powerful 12-volt motors. With its large, EVA rubber wheels and all-wheel suspension, this vehicle has great indoor and outdoor clearance, traction, and control.

For a closer look at the state-of-the-art, exquisite design and features, kids can open the doors and climb inside. The GMC Canyon has an attractive and practical cabin. One can relax in comfort on the premium eco-leather seat, which includes a safety belt and an in-dash media player with MP3 and USB ports. This ride-on has a 66-pound weight capacity, making it ideal for one child aged 5 and up, or two children ages 1-4.

The parental remote has a safety feature—an EMERGENCY STOP button—that will immediately halt any ongoing action.


Parental Remote w/ Emergency Stop Button
Battery Life Indicator
Opening Doors
LED Lights
Soft Start
UPGRADED: 12V 10ah Battery
UPGRADED: 2 HP Bigger Motors
UPGRADED: 1 Comfortable ECO Leather Seat
UPGRADED: EVA Rubber Wheels

Dimensions:   133x 83 x 69 cm
Weight Capacity: 66 Lbs
For Ages:  2 Riders 1-4 years old or 1 Rider up to the age of 5

Weight20 kg

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