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Officially Licensed Bentley Continental GT Push Car for Toddlers, Musical Steering Wheel, Backrest - White


Officially Licensed Bentley Continental GT Push Car for Toddlers and infants with comfortable seat.

Amazing toy from Bentley, kids will be able to enjoy their ride while listening to music thanks to this model’s musical steering wheel (6 music choices).

This coolest ride on push can be used indoors and outdoors and offers a Backrest.

Kids will love this convertible stroller push car toy.

This toy is suggested for ages 1-3 years old.


  • Official Light Weight Bentley Continental GT for Toddlers , Kids convertible ride on push car toy stroller for Indoor or Outdoor use.
  • Comfortable Seat and a Backrest.
  • Musical Steering Wheel w/6 music choices.
  • Amazing quality gift for any holiday or birthday for babies and toddlers.
  • For ages 1-3 years old max, dimensions: 66.6×29.12×38.86 (cm)


  • 1 comfortable seat
  • Musical Steering Wheel
  • Backrest
  • Approx Size: 66.6×29.12×38.86 (cm)
  • Max Weight Load : up to 20 KG

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Weight100 kg

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